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Remedy is a Khosla-backed teledoc with A.I. capabilities for the uninsured

There are quite a few telemedicine startups to choose from these days including Doctor on Demand, HealthTap and even some of the older, more established companies like MDLive or American Well but Remedy is a new one we’ve just been turned onto promising high-quality doctors at a lower cost […]

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10 marvellous medtech start-ups you need to know

Where research and entrepreneurship converge, magical medical innovation can happen. Because of their nature, it’s no surprise for medtech start-ups to spring from research. Ireland’s universities and research centres are producing capable entrepreneurs while also supporting the development of research-based start-ups and spin-outs. In some cases, researchers themselves take […]

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Predictive Analytics, Healthcare IoT Lead EHR Market Growth

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the EHR marketplace will continue to rise at approximately 5.5 percent, says Research and Markets, as vendors begin to roll out a new set of integrated big data analytics offerings. Predictive analytics are in particularly high demand among the provider community, the […]

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Growth of Medical IoT Devices Supports Healthcare Analytics

Research and Markets anticipates high growth for the wearable medical device market through 2022. The report cites versatility, portability, and usability as appealing factors driving patient adoption. “These devices are wearable health tools, which aid in clinical monitoring of the body vitals outside hospitals,” the research group stated. “These […]

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Artificial Intelligence Adds Pressure to Health IT Networks

The healthcare industry has a real need for AI, as the volume of available medical knowledge has overgrown the ability of physicians to reasonably evaluate it and draw conclusions. However, without a health IT infrastructure that can support an increase in the number of connected devices and store that […]

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Health IT Infrastructure Sees Growth in Cognitive Computing

According to a recent Grand View Research report , the global cognitive computing market is expected to reach $49.60 billion by 2025 across all major industries, including healthcare. The report cites a need among organizations to incorporate advanced data analytics technology into their business processes as the main growth […]

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Healthcare Natural Language Processing Expects Steady Growth

Source: Thinkstock A Transparency Market Research report predicts the global healthcare NLP market will be worth $4.3 billion by 2024, growing significantly from the $936 million reported in 2015. Between 2016 and 2024, the market is projected to rise at a CAGR of 18.8 percent. According to the report, […]

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Give them data or give them death: Startup KenSci raises $8.5M

KenSci , a Seattle-based startup building a machine learning platform for healthcare, has raised a Series A round of venture capital worth $8.5 million. Ignition Partners , of Los Altos, California, led the funding round; Osage University Partners and Mindset Ventures also participated. KenSci has a bold purpose that […]

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Telehealth platform provider Avizia teams up with MLS Telehealth to offer provider network

Telehealth platform provider Avizia is stepping into new territory: while the company has hitherto offered only a software platform, the technology company will now offer access to a network of providers. By partnering with the physician-run clinical staffing service MLS Telehealth, Avizia will be able to offer customers access […]

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