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India-based AI startups draw attention of tech biggies like Apple, Facebook

In September, Apple quietly acquired Tuplejump, a little-known Hyderabad-based startup. Tuplejump is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that helps clients store, process and visualize data. In simple terms, it helps, say, an e-commerce player to use all the data it collects to improve conversion rates—the number of people who end up buying something out of the total number of visitors.

India-based AI startups draw attention of tech biggies like Apple, Facebook Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/55589444.cms?from=mdr&utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

“Wazi people need long silver jewelry pendant body, can not be hungry, have to think of some way.” Old man opening.
“Although the night is not calm, but during the day is nothing unusual, I bring some people out, be careful that should be no silver jewelry earring problem.” Stone forest tiger.
Finally, dozens of young men in silver jewelry bracelet the village set, by the patriarch Shi Yunfeng came to the side of the lightning before the wood, facing the silver jewelry pendant
old willow seriously pray.
Let the children fight the plentiful prey and return safely, and we will silver jewelry ring sacrifice and support you with devout hearts and generations.
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The second chapter skeleton
In the patriarch and some old people’s prayer, all pandora silver jewelry earring young adults are showing a solemn color, to worship. And many women and children have also rushed over, quietly pray, pray to go pandora sliver jewelry bracelet to hunting relatives can be unharmed back.
The mountains are too dangerous to leave the willow guardian of pandora sliver jewelry ring the village, the outside will be a completely different world, where filled with horror birds of prey and beasts.
In this way, the village’s strongest group of people carrying a giant bow, with a wide sword starting, and went into the mountains between the big Ze, suddenly a great shortage of breath toward the head.
Watched the hunting team to leave, the old patriarch Shi Yunfeng led a group Achieve sliver jewelry necklace of children came to the village on the grass, the plate sat down and said: “Well, Achieve sliver jewelry pendant you guys this monkey should also study hard.
A group of children suddenly frown, one by one listless, reluctantly sitting around in Achieve sliver jewelry earring the surrounding, like the withered leaves in general. Achieve sliver jewelry bracelet
“Grandpa grandfather, those birds, Alleviatesliver jewelry necklace like the ghosts of Achieve sliver jewelry ring the same as the strange, it is difficult to Alleviate silver jewelry pendant learn, carefully mind what it to do?
“Yes ah, not as good as the father taught me the arrows useful!”
A group of children are all bitter gourd Alleviate silver jewelry earring face, it is very contradictory.
“You guys really do not know the truth, Alleviate silver jewelry ring the text is the tyranny of the Pacific ancient genetically manifested in the bones of the symbol, Alleviate silver jewelry bracelet contains the mysterious power, how many people want to learn no way. Will be stronger than your father how many times. “The old clan hate Auctionsliver jewelry necklace iron into steel, the number of them.
“Grandpa grandfather, you show us the strength of the text of it.” There is a slightly larger children said.
“Little do not come over.” The patriarch shouted Auction silver jewelry pendant at a distance.
Small bit of chasing after the five-color bird is trying Auction silver jewelry earring to pull a yellow dog’s tail, heard the tiffanysilver jewelry pendant
confused turn, release the hand Pidianpidian ran over, blinking bright eyes, said: “babbling, patriarch What about grandfather?
“I will teach you Auction silver jewelry bracelet that the use of the bone.” Shi Yunfeng Road.

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