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How A.I. and blockchain are driving precision medicine in 2017

Credit: Tej3478 The healthcare headlines this year have been dominated by the imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, against the backdrop of a long-term transition to value-based care (VBC), a handful of emerging technology initiatives are quietly making news in advancing precision medicine in healthcare. Healthcare […]

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Adaptive PCR, a New Powerful Technique to Speed Up Genetic Analysis

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have developed a new way of performing PCR (polymerase chain reaction), or amplifying DNA so there’s enough of it to perform genetic analysis. The technique is called adaptive PCR and it relies on using only left-handed DNA (L-DNA), which is the mirror of normal DNA, […]

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10+1 Commandments For Companies Developing Wearable Health Trackers

The #wearable revolution is getting heated now as I described in The Guide to the Future of Medicine , therefore I thought it’s time to share the 10+1 commandments every company developing wearable health trackers should follow. Please feel free to add yours. 1) Don’t provide a value you […]

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Wavii founder and former Googler Adrian Aoun is working on a new healthcare startup, Forward

Here’s a new startup to keep an eye on — Forward , which plans to use sensors and other technology to rethink the healthcare experience. It’s hard to say what that means exactly. For now, the Forward website is pretty much a blank sign-up page. But the startup already […]

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Mercom: healthcare IT funding reached $5B in 2016

Last year set some new records for healthcare IT funding, with VC investments reaching over $5 billion and mobile health funding hitting an all-time high, according to a new report from Mercom Capital Group. In their annual Healthcare IT/Digital Health Funding and M&A Report , the market intelligence firm […]

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